Thursday, May 12, 2011

SwtBot: Unit Testing Made Easy (EDI2011 Track 1)

Integrating external products into eclipse (EDI2011, Track 2)

Understanding Framework Architecture using Eclipse (EDI2011 Track 1)

Extending JDT (EDI2011 Track 1)

OCL in EMF (EDI2011 Track 2)

EMF Model Query2 (EDI2011 Track 2)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's new in Java 7? (EDI2011, Track 2)

PDE Good Practices (EDI 2011 Track1)

Thank you

Thank you for making Eclipse Day India 2011 a success. We had more and better presentations made as compared to last year. 50% more attendance - though it could have been much more had all those who registered had turned up.

Thank you Ashwani, Prakash, Supriya, Pavitraa, and everyone who made the event a success.

Thank you SAP Labs India for supporting the event so generously. Thank you Progress Software for continuing your support from last year - the t-shirts look really great. And a big thank you for all the attendees and speakers - you may the Eclipse community in India rock! We hope to hear more from you so do let your comments and thoughts flow.

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