Tuesday, April 28, 2020

EclipseCon 2020 For The New Normal

Something special for the Eclipse Community!

EclipseCon is the leading annual conference for developers, architects, and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies and share best practices.

What's special?

This year EclipseCon is going virtual for the first time in its 15 year history to stay aligned with COVID-19 safety measures. So, you can access all the goodness of EclipseCon from October 19 to 22 right from the comfort of your seat.

Everyone has something to share!

As part of the program committee, we are committed to finding great speakers giving brilliant talks. We’d love EclipseCon to be the conference where you choose to share your experience with the community. The call for proposals is open until June 15. There's something for everyone, covering but not limited to, Cloud Native Java, IoT and Edge Computing, Tools and IDEs, Automotive, and OSGi.

We look forward to your participation in making our first virtual EclipseCon another educational and engaging event for our community.