Monday, March 29, 2010

Where is Eclipse Day India 2010 happening?

Eclipse Day India 2010 will be hosted at Monarch Luxur, Infantry Road, Bangalore.

Those commuting with their own vehicles, please take help of hotel security for getting a nice parking spot. There is some parking space available in the basement as well as on the side of the hotel. The guards shall direct to you for the same.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tentative agenda


     'The Eclipse Way' by Dani Megert.

     About Dani: He is a member of the Eclipse Project PMC, co-leads the JDT subproject and leads the Platform Search, Platform Text and JDT Text components. He worked at OTI and is one of the initial Eclipse Project committers. His interests include user interface and API design, editors, performance and DJing.

     Abstract : How does the Eclipse Project team achieve quality and on-time delivery? How did the processes that enable the development team evolve and how do we continue to adapt them? This talk is an exploration of how the Eclipse Project is developed. We will reflect on planning, iterative development, the end-game process, and other insights into how things are done - including the development mantras such as "Always Beta", "Milestones First", "API First", "Finishing" and "Consume your own output".

Lightning Talks:
  • 'Creating a splash screen' by Jagadeesh
  •  'Whats new in JDT' by Deepak
  •  'Top 10 mistakes in Eclipse plug-in developement' by Prakash G. R.
Short Talks:

  • 'Performance Management of Plugin Projects' by KamalNath
  • 'G-Eclipse made Cloud easy !' by Vyshnavi Movva , Rajyalakshmi D Marathu
  • 'Dependency Injection in e4' by Chetan Kumar K
  • 'Top 3 SWT Exceptions' by Lakshmi
  • 'UI Patterns in Eclipse' by Deepak
  • 'RAP' by Ankur Sharma
  • 'Let us Ship It!' by Pradeep
  • 'Rich features of SWT DnD and Clipboard' by Praveen
  • 'Contributing to Eclipse and Community' by Ayushman Jain
  • 'JDojo' by Martin
  • 'XText' by Prasad
Long Talks
  • 'Patterns in Eclipse' by Madhu Samuel
  • 'OSGi Tutorial' by Prakash G. R.
  • 'Extending the TPTP profiler' by Mahesh
  • 'Enabling Modularization through OSGi and SpringDynamicModules' by Mukul
The finalized agenda will be published here.

    Guidelines to the presenters

    • Try to engage the audience
    • Do not have too much of demos
    • Try to stick to the time
    • Don't make this as an advertisement of your commercial product
    • Explain the lessons learnt
    • Keep watching this space for more ;-)
    Lightning talk (15 mins)

    The lightning talks are supposed to be X-factor of the event. The idea is not to explain any concept. Rather just awe the audience. Give a cool 5-10 min demo (no slides) and open the floor for questions.

    Short talk (30 mins)

    Short talk should be kept short :) Don't spend too much time setting up the context or explaining the basics. The audience at Eclipse Day is quite intelligent. Slides are good, demos are not. Since time is limited, decide the scope of the talk accordingly because more you cover more questions audience will have. Do keep 5 to 10 minutes for Q&A.

    Long Talk (60 mins)

    Long talks are very challenging as you have to keep the audience engaged for good one hour. All that applies to Short Talks applies to Long Talks too. Except that demos are welcome too (only if the topic necessitates). Keep  at least 10 minutes for Q&A.

    Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

      Welcome Post

      Welcome to Eclipse Day India. This is a one day program happening in Bangalore on 23rd April 2010. The entry is free and thru registration only. We had a tremendous response and all the 100 seats are filling in just three days.

      We thank our sponsors Eclipse Foundation, IBM Rational, Progress Software and Genuitec for supporting this event.

      We have 20+ talks submitted and the reviewers are going through the proposals. We will be sending out mails for the accepted talks in a day or two.

      The venue is to be decided and will be updated here. Stay tuned.