Progress Software Corporation (NASADAQ: PRGS) provides application infrastructure software for the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications. Progress Software Corporation has over 1,870 employees in over 90 countries and is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. It has development centers in many countries the second largest being located at Hyderabad, India.

PSI is structured on a Centre of Expertise (COE) based model, where groups are inline with technology horizontals that work on multiple products/components. Present COEs include Eclipse based Development tools, Web based management tooling and Adapters.

Progress Software Corporation builds industry leading Infrastructure Spanning Application Software, SOA and Data Infrastructure. PSI has a major contribution in the development of products which includes: Sonic, Actional, DataXtend, DataDirect, OpenEdge and Apama.

As a workplace, PSI attempts to build a culture that is stimulating, fulfilling and entertaining, where employees have the freedom to work, lead teams and demonstrate performance. Individuals are encouraged to have larger-than-work pursuits such as open source projects, participating in technology forums and time off for doctoral work.

Engineers at PSI constantly explore new technologies, prototyping solutions before even opportunities arise within the Product plans. This thought is regularly shared in tech talks and seminars organized in this region.

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