Friday, June 20, 2014

Call for Abstracts Open for Eclipse Day India 2014

Eclipse Day is an event designed to create opportunities for the local Eclipse community to explore, share and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse and its members. The event will consist of one day of technical talks, demos and posters, intertwined with great networking opportunities.

We are calling for participation from the Eclipse ecosystem. The categories are listed below:

1. Submit a Talk and/or Demo

Presentations should last approximately 30 minutes, including 5 minutes of questions from the audience at the end. Submitted talks should focus on latest developments of, but not limited to, the following Eclipse related technologies:
- Eclipse SDK (Platform, JDT, PDE, SWT)
- Modelling (EMF, GMF etc)
- Web technologies (WTP, etc)
- Cutting Edge (XText, DSL, etc)
- OSGi and related embedded stuff
- Eclipse for non-Java languages (C/C++, Perl, Scala, etc)
- Eclipse frameworks (Debugger, Commands, etc)
- Eclipse Tools for Cloud
- Eclipse for Mobile developers

2. Submit a Poster

The purpose of having posters is to foster interaction among fellow participants in small, informal groups. Ideal content would be complex topics that are easier to explain in a dynamic conversation rather than a prepared presentation.
Posters can be related to any Eclipse technology, as mentioned above.
(Please note that poster presentations will be added to the agenda based on the response received via call for abstracts).

Submit your proposals here: Call for Abstracts

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